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You are about to begin a journey that will change your life forever. There is nothing like welcoming a child into the world, and Women First wants only the best for you and your baby.

Women First is honored to partner with you during this very exciting time to help guide and manage your pregnancy. Our providers are here to give you the highest quality prenatal care. Our Women First Care Teams do exactly that. Your Care Team includes your Obstetrician, Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant and clinical staff—all dedicated to your individualized care. A direct phone line gives you quick access to your Care Team, and you may also reach them online via FollowMyHealth at Women First—our secure, online communications center.

Our wellness model of care is based on the concept that pregnancy and birth are normal life events, and Women First’s Obstetricians are committed to offering you more choices in your birth experience while keeping health care at the highest possible level. We respect alternative therapies and treatment and are firmly committed to keeping moms and babies healthy.

We deliver exclusively at Baptist Health Louisville—a hospital committed to patient safety and care—and you will be well-supported by compassionate staff members who are here to encourage and assist you during this special life experience. We hope you will feel free to come to any of us with your questions or concerns; together, we work as your health care team to encourage and assist you throughout this life-changing experience.

Pregnancy Testing

Pregnancy is a time of frequent medical appointments to monitor your baby’s progress—and to prepare you for the big day! In addition to office visits, Women First offers lots of education for expectant parents, as well as genetic screening. You can even get some fun peeks at your developing baby!

Prenatal Education / Screening

Pregnancy is a time of frequent medical appointments to monitor your baby’s progress—and to prepare you for the big day! In addition to office visits, Women First offers lots of education for expectant parents, as well as genetic screening. You can even get some fun peeks at your developing baby!

An important part of prenatal care is to better understand all aspects of your pregnancy, including the labor and childbirth process. Many different childbirth classes—such as hypnobirthing, Lamaze, and yoga—are offered in our area that can help you prepare for labor and delivery and the birth of your new baby.


Ultrasounds are a great opportunity to see your developing baby—including some optional services that may be your baby’s first photo session—but they’re also important tools in medically monitoring your pregnancy. We are very lucky to have a team of highly skilled ultrasonographers at Women First, with five state-of-the-art ultrasound units conveniently located within our office.

Women First routinely performs all trimester obstetrical ultrasounds, as well as biophysical profile and umbilical artery doppler testing. 3D/4D ultrasounds are performed for high resolution images.

In the first trimester, ultrasound is done to confirm your due date and can also help evaluate threatened miscarriage, chromosomal abnormalities, or tubal pregnancy. During the second trimester, your Care Team will perform an abdominal ultrasound; a full anatomical survey of the baby is possible around 20 weeks. In the third trimester, we use ultrasound to analyze fetal growth, measure fluid and perform assessments of your baby’s well-being. Come to the ultrasound unit with a full bladder for better visualization.

It’s the ultimate gender reveal. Women First offers optional gender scans at 16 weeks into your pregnancy. (This scan is performed only to evaluate the gender; the anatomical scan is done around 20 weeks.) The gender ultrasound session includes four images of your baby and gender determination for only $75. Family, friends and children are welcome. Approximately 15 minutes will be spent performing the scan. Insurance does not cover these scans, so please be prepared to pay for your ultrasound at the time of your visit.
Seeing your baby through the technology of ultrasound can be a joyful experience. At Women First, we believe that ultrasound can promote early bonding and be a powerful force to carry you through the last weeks of your pregnancy. During this session, our sonographers will spend time viewing your baby’s features and record it on a DVD for you. This is best done between 26 and 30 weeks. You may bring family members with you, as well.

Fetal photography sessions are $175 and are payable when you arrive for the ultrasound.

Genetic Screening

Whether it’s to assess your risks or to gain more information about suspected problems, Women First can provide safe, noninvasive and highly accurate screening tests for you and your baby. These newer tests give insight into your risk for a number of chromosomal disorders, such as Down syndrome (extra chromosome 21), as well as gender. Another group of tests will screen you as a carrier of more than 100 different autosomal recessive diseases. As a result, invasive tests such as amniocentesis or CVS, which have a risk of miscarriage, are rarely needed.


Technology allows us to test your baby’s chromosomes by doing a simple test of your blood. These tests can be done any time after 10 weeks and screen for Down syndrome (Trisomy 21), Trisomy 18, and Trisomy 13, as well as sex chromosomal disorders. These tests screen for the most common chromosomal disorders, yet they do not test for all chromosomal issues. And, while a negative test result is very reassuring, it does not always guarantee a healthy baby.
We also offer a simple blood test to screen for spina bifida, or open neural tube defect—one of the most common birth defects. This test is MSAFP (maternal serum alfa fetal protein), which is done ideally between 16 and 20 weeks of pregnancy at a relatively low cost. Taking folate pre-conceptually and very early in pregnancy can significantly reduce the risk of your baby having spina bifida.
There are thousands of genes on our chromosomes, and many of us are carriers of a specific gene defect without being aware of it. When your partner carries the same recessive gene, your child has a 25% chance of receiving both genes and getting the disease. Examples of these types of recessive genetic diseases, which affect one in 400 births, include cystic fibrosis and sickle cell anemia.

A simple blood test can screen you or your partner to see if you are a carrier of more than 100 genetic diseases that are relevant to pregnancy and babies. When we only screen based on ethnicity and family history, we miss 80% of carriers. An expanded genetic carrier blood test can be done at any time, pre-conceptually or during pregnancy.

Genetic screens are optional; only you can decide if they’re right for you. You may want to discuss these testing options at a visit with your physician early in your pregnancy. If you are interested, you should see how much your insurance will cover and how much your cost will be by contacting the genetic testing company to get your individual cost.

Is it Time to Schedule Your Annual Wellness Exam?

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Is it Time to Schedule Your Annual Wellness Exam?

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Toni G
I've been seeing Dr. Price for many years and have always had a great experience with her. Dr. Price has always listened to me and addressed all of my questions and concerns. My only complaint is with a former nurse I saw for medical issues who didn't further investigate them and it got progressively worse. Luckily the current nurse practitioner diagnosed me correctly and have received the correct treatment.
Morgan Miller
When I was looking for a gyno, Jeanette and Dr. Booth came highly recommended from family that see them and rightly so! Jeanette has the best bedside manner and takes the time to be thorough and understand the patient. When I had an issue outside of office hours, I was able to submit a question on the Follow My Health app and got a phone call in less than 30 minutes from the care team. They’re the best and I tell everyone about them!
Jennifer Stephens
I’ve been a patient at Women 1st for 16 years and cannot say enough about this practice. Every staff member is caring, friendly, and very good at what they do. The physicians & nurses are some of the best in the state of Kentucky, which is why I currently live in Georgetown and drive to Louisville to continue my care. Highly recommend Dr. Warren or Dr. Price!
Kailee Kaiser
Jeannette Jaggers, APRN is GREAT! I drive a hour and a half just to see her! Makes you feel comfortable and truly cares about YOU! Very happy to have her as my OB/GYN.