NEW—Check-In BEFORE your Visit

Now you can check-in online BEFORE you come in for your appointment, and streamline your arrival in our office!

  1. Watch for our email 3 days before your scheduled medical appointment.
  2. Sign in, then update insurance information, make payments on outstanding balances, sign any required consent forms, and you’re checked in!
  3. Show up to Women First for your scheduled appointment.

Faster and Smarter!

Your Phreesia Pre-Visit check-in email from will show Women First and our phone number, plus the date, time and location of your appointment.

After you confirm by clicking the blue box, we’ll ask security questions about your date of birth, address, and phone number—to keep your personal health information secure. By confirming your phone number, you will receive a code via voicemail or text from Phreesia that you must enter before proceeding. Once the security process is complete, you’ll access our Pre-Visit questionnaire, where all of your responses are private and secure.

Done on Your Own Time!

The Pre-Visit questionnaire has all the questions you’d typically answer in our office using the Phreesia computer pads in the Women First waiting room. So it’s easy to update insurance information and other details that are pertinent to your appointment at Women First. We’ll provide any necessary consent forms for you to sign, which you can do simply using your mouse or touch screen. And with Phreesia Pre-Visit, you can even pay outstanding balances on your account before your visit.

Simple and Quick!

Not only does it simplify check-in for you, advance registration helps streamline your arrival in our office the day of your appointment.

We know your days are full and we respect your busy schedule when you come in for an appointment with us. With Phreesia Pre-Visit, we’re helping put YOU first!

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